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On behalf of the entire team here at Goboto, I extend our heartfelt thanks for considering us for your web design needs. We are thrilled at the possibility of again partnering with HeartGift and are eager to detail our proposal for your new website.

At Goboto, we pride ourselves on not just meeting but exceeding expectations. We are committed to redefining the standards of digital excellence, delivering superior web solutions that ensure timely completion and adherence to your budget. As innovators and strategists, our goal is to craft websites that not only enhance your digital presence but also significantly boost your business growth and brand visibility.

In our proposal below, you will find a comprehensive outline of your future website’s functionality, our detailed web design process, and transparent project pricing.

We understand the importance of making a memorable first impression. With cutting-edge design paired with seamless functionality, your website will capture the attention of your audience, distinguishing your mission from the competition. Our success is directly linked to the satisfaction of our clients, and nothing is more important to us than elevating your online presence and achieving your complete satisfaction.

Thanks again for the opportunity and I look forward to continually working together!

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Daran Herrman
Founder & CEO

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We’ve developed sites from a range of companies at every stage of development from top non-profit organizations to the Fortune 500.

HeartGift's New Website

After a thorough review of your existing website and a comparative analysis of your competitors, we have crafted a strategic vision for your new site. Our proposal is designed to dramatically enhance your branding, vividly convey your story, and boost online leads through engaging visuals and compelling content. By leveraging high-quality photography and dynamic graphics, we aim to enrich the user experience. Coupled with persuasive copy, these elements are engineered to transform your site visitors into valuable leads.

We are excited to incorporate several key features into your new website:

  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design: Ensures an optimal browsing experience on any device.
  • Built-In Translator & Multilingual Capabilities: Makes your website accessible to a global audience.
  • Lead-Generating Landing Pages: Strategically designed to capture leads effectively.
  • Speed Optimization: Delivers faster loading times, enhancing user satisfaction and SEO performance.
  • Blog Functionality with Customizable Templates: Offers flexibility and ease of content management to keep your audience engaged.
  • User-Friendly Drag and Drop Page Builder: Simplifies the process of website updates, making it manageable without technical expertise.
  • Training and Instructional Videos: Provides you with the tools and knowledge to maintain and update your website confidently.
  • SEO Optimization: Ensures your site is designed to rank well in search engines, increasing your visibility and reach.

We look forward to the opportunity to bring this vision to life, setting a new standard for your online presence.

Our Development Process

At Goboto, we adopt a systematic approach to ensure every web design project is executed flawlessly, delivered on schedule, and within budget. Here’s what you can expect once your project commences:

Initial Planning

Our first step involves a collaborative meeting with your team to comprehensively understand HeartGift’s specific needs. We will establish a detailed set of design and technical specifications that will guide the subsequent phases of the web design process. During this phase, we outline the website’s architecture, including navigation paths, new functionalities, and overall design aesthetics.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Early visual concepts of your website are developed through wireframes and prototypes, providing a skeletal outline of the site’s layout and functional elements.

Design Mockups

During this phase, we bring the preliminary designs to life. We install the back-end systems and integrate a new visual theme. Detailed designs are added to the initial wireframes, enhancing them with your brand’s colors and graphical elements to give you a realistic preview of the final product.


This stage is dedicated to finalizing the website’s content, graphics, and integrating analytics tools. Our team also conducts extensive SEO and competitive analysis to ensure optimal performance. The primary web development efforts occur here, where all elements begin to function together seamlessly.


In the testing phase, our Quality Assurance team rigorously evaluates the website across multiple dimensions such as load time, responsiveness, and speed. We ensure the site performs reliably on all web browsers and mobile devices, delivering a smooth user experience.

Training & Deployment

To empower HeartGift’s team, we provide comprehensive training on managing website updates. Customized training videos will cover essential tasks such as updating pages, posting blogs, editing text, and managing multimedia content.


With the final touches in place, the website is ready to launch. It will be fully functional, visually appealing, and optimized for user engagement and search engine visibility.

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Let’s tell your story, let’s get you noticed. We are creators, we are drivers, we are by the numbers. Our sites are built to grow your business, drive your web presence, and elevate your business above the online clutter.

Technical Volume

Usability and Accessibility Standards

The site will be built according to W3C/WCAG 2.0 AA web standards using clean and semantic markup.  The website will be fully responsive with a design that adapts to the screen size of the visitors device.  The site will also be retina ready for devices with retina or other high-resolutions. Any slideshows for are also touch enabled and hardware accelerated, which means they work seamless on mobile device like an iPad or iPhone.  It will be cross-browser compatible (FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE, Edge)  The site will be able to be translated in any language or multiple languages including RTL functionality (right to left reading.)  For users that cannot use a mouse, including many older users with limited fine motor control, the site will provide full functionality via a keyboard.  All images will have effective ‘alternative text’ for users that cannot see and use a screen reader that reads aloud the information on a page, including the alt text for the visual image.  The site is fundamentally designed to work for all people, whatever their hardware, software, language, culture, location, or physical or mental ability.

Technology Information and Specifications

The site will be built on the content management system WordPress, which is based on PHP and MySQL.   WordPress has a robust plug-in architecture and the use/creation of plug-ins will be based off the ‘Initial Planning’ phase of our web development process.  The site will also be built on HTML5 and CSS3 with jQuery enhancements.

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We want to learn about your company and collaborate on what is important to you


Multiple Page Website

$ 8499

One Time

  • Mobile Optimized Website Design
  • SSL Website Security
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Website SEO Optimization
  • Video Training
  • Integration with Donation Software
  • Built-In Translator & Multilingual Capabilities
  • News / Blogging Functionality
``The Goboto team are an exceptional, communicative web design firm who worked closely and patiently with our staff to give Seedling the look it needed to elevate our new brand while bringing in additional donors and traffic. Their use of analytics, graphics, colors, and the latest trends in web design make them a top notch web team for any company or organization. Their collaborative nature and dedication to understanding your business and its goals put Goboto above the rest.``
Dan Leal

— Dan Leal

Executive Director, Seedling Mentors



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These days the world of web design and online marketing is fluid and always changing. This is even more so as your organization grows. We ensure that your organization is capitalizing on new trends and marketing tools to effectively engage your supporters.